Julian Marchese

Standing1My name is Julian Marchese, I was born in 1996, and I am an active speculator/investor in the global financial market place, trading in stocks, options, futures, and foreign exchange.

I have been interested in the global financial market place since the age of 8, educating myself over the years in investing, speculation, from technical analysis to fundamental analysis, and economics. I have a strong passion for speculation, markets, and making money!

My dream in the financial industry is to become a global macro hedge fund manager. My passion to do so has brought me media attention internationally as I have been featured on multiple news networks including BloombergTV, CNBC, CBC, CityTV, and multiple online/print newspapers including the Business Insider, Globe And Mail, Toronto Star, and Toronto Life Magazine. I recently also appeared on the hit TV show “Dragon’s Den” which is a show where you pitch an investment idea to 5 wealthy investors. I happened to have an automated trading strategy that I wrote that was performing well and so I pitched my strategy to the dragons. I was able to capture 4 out of the 5 dragons for an investment in my strategy. You can check out all my media appearances on the Media tab to the left.

This website is devoted to my development to becoming a hedge fund manager. I will be posting my thoughts on financial markets and economics, my live trading ideas, and various endeavours.

UPDATE (2015): I’m on my way there! I founded Marchese Investments in 2014, and launched my first managed account Sep 2015. I have plans to roll this managed account structure into a hedge fund down the line.

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