Investment Philosophy

It is my cardinal objective to seek and achieve high alpha returns conjointly with superb risk management and a heavy focus on maximizing returns with low risk. I believe that the key to great financial success in the volatile financial market place is to play great defense, while taking advantage of opportunity and amplifying returns when it presents itself. My primary focus is on protecting both my capital and investor capital as opposed to making outsized returns.

I place great effort in identifying potential market opportunities that offer skewed reward to risk profiles in my favour. I strive to make investment and speculative decisions that offer much more conceivable reward than predefined risk.

I will achieve positive performance by utilizing a multitude of different investment strategies, with a majority focus in discretionary global macro. It is of my opinion that a global macro focal point allows for more opportunity to take advantage of fluctuations in a multitude of financial markets. I also adhere to the belief in diversification by intertwining other sound investment strategies such as value investing, equity long/short, and event-driven investing.

I attempt to pursue such returns in a myriad of financial markets, including equity, commodity, fixed income, and currency markets. I venture to locate and take advantage of investment and speculative opportunity by analysing economic, political, fundamental, and technical trends that affect and move the markets I follow.

I most definitely believe that a balanced life outside the realm of investment and speculation is extremely valuable. I strongly believe in a healthy lifestyle with great focus on family and others.

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