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Welcome To Marchese Financial

Join Julian Marchese As He Posts His Financial & Economic Views, Market Positioning, and Educational Videos For You To Enjoy And Benefit From

“Mr.┬áMarchese is the CEO & Portfolio Manager of Marchese Investments. Born in 1996, he has participated in the leadership and growth of a new generation of asset management.┬áDeveloping his first quantitative trading system at the age of 14, Mr. Marchese has recognized the preeminence and dominance of quantitative systems trading, and the statistical advantages of alternative beta strategies. Mr. Marchese founded Marchese Investments in 2014 to capitalize on these strategies by generating consistent risk-adjusted returns for MI investors. He is a contributor to CNBC, BloombergTV, & Fox Business. He has also been named one of the most powerful people in finance by Business Insider.

Mr. Marchese is a finance major at Stern School of Business, New York University.”

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